Earth’s Layers

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Earth crust is made of 7 layers. With Earth’s Layers exhibit, visitors have the opportunity to examine 7 layers of the Earth’s crustboth in artifacts placed in a large clear tubes, as well as on a multi-touch screen.

TV News Anchor Role Play

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In this exhibit, visitors are assigned roles as evening news program TV announcers. They sit at a table facing the cameras and other visitors, choose an article from the current issue of News and experience becoming a TV announcer delivering the Evening News.

Knowledge of Flowers

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With the Knowledge of Flowers exhibit that has five interactive stations, visitors control the avatars displayed on the screen to succeed the missions provided by pumping, steering wheels, moving lever, pressing buttons etc. Flight, chemistry, our body, mining and our environment are the specific themes depicted in each station.

Spinning Turntable

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Spinning Turntable exhibit is a collaborative group activity that is particularly good at encouraging inter-generational interactions and conversation. The exhibit provides an open-ended platform for experimenting with rotational forces, momentum and the nature of orbits. Rings and disks are great for exploring gyroscopic forces; balls are good for visualizing orbits; and paper and pencils demonstrate ….  Read More

Newton’s Pendulum

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Newton’s Pendulum exhibit demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy via a series of swinging spheres. When one on the end is lifted and released, it strikes the stationary spheres; a force is transmitted through the stationary spheres and pushes the last one upward.

Pan’s Pipes

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With Pan’s Pipes exhibit, visitors experience longer pipes amplify low-pitched low-frequency sounds and shorter pipes amplify highly-pitched high-frequency sound. The room is filled with sounds of all different pitches. The air in each tube vibrates with a frequency determined by the lenght of the tube.

Kundt’s Tube

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Kundt’s Tube exhibit shows the nodes and antinodes of a standing wave. When a sound wave reaches the end of the tube bounces back with the same frequency and the same amplitude, it will become a standing wave. Standing waves are characterized by alternate points of maximum and minimum disturbance called nodes and antinodes. Visitors ….  Read More

Plasma Ball

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Visitors touch the surface of the plasma ball sphere with their fingers to see beautifully coloured plasma filaments stretch out towards their fingertips. Plasma Ball exhibit can also be developed to react sound such as strong music beats, claps and other sharp noises.

AR Sandbox

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AR Sandbox provides an entertaining and educational environment where people of all ages interact with real sand and virtual contour lines reflecting on the sand. Visitors create shapes using the sand, and the contour lines appear immediately on the sand indicating the height of the shape just like colored topographic maps. Visitors may also virtually ….  Read More

Interactive Sketch

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With Interactive Sketch exhibit, kids can pick and choose from different sketch templates, ranging from cars, spaceships and more. After the coloring is done, they simply scan the paintings and wait for the magic to happen. The stencils will come to life and move around in the virtual environment. The town changes as new painting ….  Read More

Icy Bodies

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With Icy Bodies exhibit, in a specially lighted water pool, small parts of dry ice are dropped and they careen around simulating the movement and appearance of comets.

Artist Robot

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With Artist Robot exhibit, visitors stand in front of the exhibit which takes their pictures and the computer that camera was connected digitizes the image and sends it to the robotic arm. Then, the robotic arm draws the portrait on a regular piece of paper using a regular marker. Visitors can take the drawing as ….  Read More

Infrared Camera

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At the Infrared Camera exhibit, an infrared camera detects the heat radiating from warm objects and projects it on a big screen, allowing visitors to see what’s hot (and not) about them and the other visitors and objects in their surroundings.

AR Mars Colony

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With AR Spacebox exhibit, visitors create their virtual planet, Mars by placing given objects on the table. As visitors place more objects on the table colonies, rockets, vehicles etc. show up. According to the given instructions appeared on the table, visitors move the objects to create a sustainable colony.

Power Plant VR Tour

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Power Plant VR Tour exhibit offers visitors an immersive power plant tour experience using virtual reality technology. Visitors have the opportunity to examine the systems in the power plants closely such as hydroelectric plants, wind turbines, and nuclear power plants.

Piezoelectric Selfie

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Piezoelectric Selfie exhibit lets visitors to create energy by jumping on the piezoelectric platform. The saved energy is used to illuminate the exhibit and provide the electrical energy required for visitors to take selfies or to make various electrical appliances work.

Bubble Monster

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In Bubble Monster interactive exhibit, visitors stand in the middle of a circle surrounded with soapsuds and then lift the circle by pulling the cord. As the circle rises visitors seem to be wearing a cloth made up with soapsuds.

Art Machine

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With this interactive Art Machine exhibit, visitors pick one of the rotating hoses according to their color of choice and create their artwork by shooting out virtual paint on the projected screen.

Giant Water Table

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Iconic Giant Water Table exhibit features a series of dynamic water experiences which flow in a continuous river circuit. Activities include musical instruments, vortex, basketball, pipes building, LEGO play area, boat racing, fountain programming, water mill, river and dam station, cause and effect water physics, and a toddler splash area.

Sand Pendulum

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Sand Pendulum is an exhibit which is sure to bring out the playfulness and delight the imagination of any participant. The purpose of this exhibit is to provide a graphic illustration of the interplay between two simple harmonic motions.


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In this interactive Weightlifting exhibit, first unit allows visitors to step on the scale, adjust the bar according to their height and lift the model barbell as much as possible. Their goal is to break the olympic record and see how much they can lift on the screen. Second unit has a stable 190 kg ….  Read More

Flight of Birds

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In Flight of Birds exhibit, visitors put on special accessories simulating birds’ wings on their arms. Then, they flap their arms like birds and they virtually fly on the screen. The exhibit also provides information about birds’ anatomies and aerodynamic structures.


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In Seeds exhibit, visitors place small tubes containing a real seed into a slot and on the screen they watch the simulated development of the seed to the plant or tree. The exhibit highlights the phenomena of seeds and the transformation of non-living things into living organisms and vice versa.

Golden Ratio

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With Golden Ratio exhibit, visitors face to the mirror and thanks to the image processing technology, the exhibit detects the visitor’s body parts and measures them. Then it appears on the mirror that how well-matched the visitor’s body is with the golden ratio.


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Biomimicry exhibit lets visitors experience sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. Tools and technologies imitating the nature have been in use in several circles of our lives, such as nanotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, medical science, and military. In this exhibit, tools and technologies inspired from nature are presented in ….  Read More

AR Build Your Town

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With AR Build Your Town exhibit, visitors create their virtual town by using objects. Thanks to augmented reality technology, as visitors continue to put more objects more cars, trains, planes, helicopters, animals etc. show up on the table.

Air Cannon

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With Air Cannon exhibit, visitors experience that sound exists of air vibrations. When visitors hit the drums, skin of the drum starts to vibrate. This vibration causes the air to vibrate as well a wave of air pressure differences travels through the space. Visitor’s ears perceive this vibrating air as sound. The disks on the ….  Read More

Artist Robot

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With Artist Robot exhibit, visitors stand in front of the exhibit which takes their pictures and the computer that camera was connected digitizes the image and sends it to the robotic arm. Then, the robotic arm draws the portrait on a regular piece of paper using a regular marker. Visitors can take the drawing as ….  Read More

Tug of War

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With Tug of War exhibit, visitors on two sides of a giant lever are challenged, each side attempting to pull the lever in their direction. The two sides, however, are not equal in opportunity. Visitors discover that one person on the tall side of the experience can easily outpull several people of equal strength tugging ….  Read More

Dizzy Tunnel

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Dizzy Tunnel exhibit turns LEDs on and off to generate the visual illusion of movement. Visitors may lose their balance or feel dizzy inside the tunnel, because of contradictory sensory messages between their vision (the world is spinning) and their balance receptors (the ground is perfectly still).


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Tornado exhibit depicts a tornado of water mist swirling and gyrating inside a large cylinder. The floor of the cylinder contains a grate in the center which constantly emits water vapor. Visitors can step in an have a closer look. The result is a beautiful, lively, gentle tornado which reacts to a visitor’s touch.

Gravity Well

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In Gravity Well exhibit, visitors see how the gravitational forces of the earth and moon work on for example satellites. Gravity is a common force which Newton was the first person to study it seriously, and he came up with the law of universal gravitation.

Wind Tunnel

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Wind Tunnel exhibit demonstrates the aerodynamic quality of 5 types of wings. The airflow around the wings must be uniform, otherwise the plane will not be stable in flight. This experience is one of the best ways to learn Daniel Bernoulli’s principles. Because it illustrates how the curvature on top of a wing directs airflow ….  Read More

Cloud Rings

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Cloud Rings exhibit uses a mist generator and a large rubber membrane with a hole in the middle to launch a ring of vapor up to the ceiling. The ring is generated by friction between the hole’s edge and the vapor flowing through the hole, which forms a cloud.

Hot Air Balloon

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With Hot Air Balloon exhibit, visitors press a button to heat the air inside the balloon, when the air is at about 90°C, they press another button and the balloon rises majestically into the air and comes down again when the air has cooled. The amount of lift provided by a hot air balloon depends ….  Read More


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In Whirlpool exhibit, visitors generate a big whirl by turning the handle that stirs the water. In the oceans, streams of water move in different directions. Sometimes when streams of water crash a whirl will arise. The longer the turning lasts the bigger the wheel become. These kind of whirls have a lot of suction ….  Read More

Explorer Robot

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With Explorer Robot exhibit, visitors control the robot arm with the joysticks or touchscreen, take sand and stone samples from the Mars surface. Subsequently, items collected are taken to the virtual central station for analysis.


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With Mindball exhibit, visitors try to win a war of relaxation in this two-player game where they have to try to “out-relax” their opponent in order to win.

Wheelchair Race

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In this 2-chair Wheelchair Race exhibit, visitors race with each other in wheel chairs. Their speed and the distance traveled are visible to all visitors. The best times and scores of all times are also displayed.

Bubble Race

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Bubble Race exhibit involves three acrylic tubes filled with different liquids with varying viscosity levels. When visitors activate the mechanical pump to push air through a tube, they observe the differences between liquids in terms of bubble behaviors, i.e. bubble goes faster in the liquid with lower viscosity, and vice versa.

Fuel Types

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Fuel Types exhibit focuses on the carbon emission differences among various fuels such as gasoline, diesel, LPG, and electricity. Visitors fill up the appropriate tanks with pumps and learn how these fuels effect the environment.

Hydroelectric Plant

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With Hydroelectric Plant exhibit, visitors try to meet the electricity needs of their city by adjusting the amount of water flow using various sets in the river. The electricity requirement of the city and the amount of electricity produced from the hydroelectric power plant are graphically shared with the visitors on the screen.

Wind Turbines

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With Wind Turbines exhibit, visitors place various types of wind turbine blades to the model turbine and then create airflow by pressing the button. Visitors observe the effects of blade designs on the generated electricity amount by reading the voltages on the displays.

Solar Planes

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With Solar Planes exhibit, as visitors sit on the seats, the lamps symbolizing the solar power resources are activated. Using the moveable mirrors in front of them, visitors reflect the light delivered from the lamps to the solar panels on the plane models. Reflected light turns the propellers of the model aircrafts on and the ….  Read More

Simon Says Robot

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Simon Says Robot exhibit mimics the hand and arm gestures of visitors. In return, visitors try to mimic the gestures of the robot and the robot gives a score to the visitors. Visitors are expected to grasp how the mechanics of their hand and arm works and how they are different than robots.


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In Rocket exhibit, visitors push a button to pump air into the rocket and pressurize it to the maximum. After there is sufficient pressure in the rocket, visitor pushes the fire button and the count-down begins. After the completion of the count-down, the rocket launches with an amazing speed.

Robot Programming (3 Stations)

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Robot Programming exhibit contains three custom robots, each of which has different movement capabilities. For each robot, there is a dedicated touch screen display allowing visitor to control the corresponding robot. Visitors are presented with a set of commands allowing them to control the robot and achieve the given missions. Visitors experience the basics of ….  Read More

Solar Race

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Solar Race exhibit includes a vehicle with propellers and two solar panels on each of its side. Visitors reflect the light on the solar panel to force the car towards the opponent’s side. When the car hits the each end of the opponent’s side, it makes a score and experience is over when one side ….  Read More

Olympic Sprint

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With Olympic Sprint exhibit, visitors can race down a real-life-like 15-meter dash to compete with famous sprinters or with each other. All the data regarding the race, such as the maximum speed, acceleration values, best scores, are displayed on the screen.

Human Gyroscope

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Human Gyroscope is an immersive iconic exhibit that provides a unique experience simulating astronauts’ gyroscopic movements in space. The concept of Human Gyroscope was originally developed by NASA to train astronauts for their adaptation to weightless environments.

Space Bike

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Space Bike is an immersive iconic exhibit where visitors ride a bike inside a circular path. They can feel the g-force when they make full 360° circles in the path. Visitors earn points for all the full circles they made in a given time. Their scores are visible to other visitors.

Paper Plane Launcher

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Visitors make their own paper planes using scrap paper and launch them using the motor driven platform. Since there are two or more platforms on the exhibit, visitors can compete with each other. If not, they can just fly their planes by aiming the fuselage to the targets on the wall, thanks to the 3-axis ….  Read More


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Lightning exhibit features plasma plates, which are like the plasma balls but flat instead of globe in shape. This highly interactive exhibit attracts visitors of all ages and allows them to touch the rays looking like the lightenings.

Swarm Robots

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With Swarm Robots exhibit, visitors select one of several swarm behaviours through a touch screen display and observe 30 kilobots implement the selected task. This exhibit implements 7 swarm behaviours called grouping, dispersing, lightshow, move to light, avoid light, move in sync, and simon says. Regardless of the start position and orientation of the robots, ….  Read More

Jetpack Simulator

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Jetpack exhibit simulates the Manned-Maneuvering Unit developed and used by NASA. The simulation involves an astronaut’s experiences out of the spaceship getting around using the Jetpack. Visitors sit in the jet pack chair, which is placed over a 6-dof motion platform, and fasten a safety harness. They control the platform with joysticks placed on the ….  Read More


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Centrifuge exhibit allows visitors to experience the G-Force effect created by their circular movement. During the experience, visitors try to solve the given problems on the touchscreens. As they solve the problems, speed of the centrifuge decreases, as they fail to cope with the problems, the speed of the centrifuge increases.

Titans of Space

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Titans of Space exhibit presents the Solar System and beyond as a virtual reality experience. While the visitor is traveling around the Solar System, other visitors watch the path traveled via monitors placed on the end of the arch. This interactive exhibit lets the user choose his/her own path in the Solar System, and what ….  Read More

Hamster Wheel

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With Hamster Wheel exhibit, visitors run inside a human-sized hamster wheel. While they are running in the wheel, the amount of calories they spend is visible to all visitors.


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Videochat exhibit lets the visitors of the venue to videochat with the general public located someplace else in the city, in another science center or in a comparable venue. It is a great opportunity for the venue to make connections with the community.


0 commentsRobotics & Mechatronics

Chatbot exhibit lets visitor to converse with a chatbot. The visitor stands in front of a display that has a virtual avatar. The visitor speaks into the microphone and converse with the chatbot. Based on the visitor’s responses, the chatbot leads the conversation. The visitor may terminate the conversation anytime s/he wants.

Energy Table

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Energy Table exhibit involves three types of clean energy sources: solar, wind, and hydropower. The solar power section has two light sources, two solar cell panels, two voltmeters, and two mirrors attached on the table with a joint. Each mirror is manipulated by one visitor and they race with each other to generate higher current. ….  Read More

Spinning Chair

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Spinning Chair exhibit challenges visitors to complete a task while spinning in a chair. There are five circles around which the chair turns. The outmost circle is the slowest one and so the easiest one, and the innermost circle is the fastest, and so the most difficult one. The visitors moves up to the faster ….  Read More

Smart Grids

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Smart Grids exhibit allows visitors to turn on/off home appliances in a pesudo-game environment. By this way, visitors observe how smart grids operate. When they increase the power demand, they see that hydropower becomes insufficient and gas-powered power plant kicks in with all the black smokes coming out of its chimneys. So, they have the ….  Read More

Smart Vehicles

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In Smart Vehicles exhibit, visitors observes the movements of vehicles such as buses, cars, and trains controlled by satellites. The vehicles have no drivers, but still they make perfect maneuvers on the roads and rails. The Smart Vehicles exhibit simulates unmanned vehicles now developed and tested by some large technology companies.


0 commentsOutdoorPreschool

Climber exhibit is a three-dimensional vertical maze that encourages physical activity, and offers the sort of imaginative play experience that is important for the intellectual development in kids.

Smart Home

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On a touch screen, visitors experience how they can control their virtual home’s appliences such as A/C, coffee machine, vacuum cleaner. This Smart Home exhibit idea could also be implemented by using a virtual reality headset so that visitors experience smart home technologies.

Bus Rapid Transit

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Bus Rapid Transit exhibit is a cloud and data-base driven platfrom which allows remote participation, database augmentation and high-end complex visualization. Visitors build 3D physical scale models out of LEGO bricks and a series of projectors mounted directly above the models project digital information onto the physical model. When acting as an urban observatory, the ….  Read More

Smart City

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“In Smart City exhibit, visitors behave as city stakeholders and by using pucks on top of a part of your city’s map to play with the different “”city KPIs”” which includes population level, they see how it may affect urban design decisions, upgrades in the system and general transportation decisions. They choose and implement their ….  Read More

City Scope AR

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City Scope AR exhibit presents extreme versions of two futures. In one, streets are dominated by machines and density leads to congestion and anxiety. The other is a more vibrant city where humans recapture streets and density increases equity and creative interactions. This exhibit aims new mobility systems must be explored to meet the profound ….  Read More

Industry Timeline

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With Industry Timeline exhibit, starting from the early ages of industrialization era, visitors experience chronological timeline of industrial revolution till today’s cutting edge technologies through a huge interactive wall.

Planetarium Dome

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In the Planetarium Dome, visitors travel through a world of knowledge that includes astronomy, geology, physical geography, and more. The exhibit inspires visitors to engage in a better understanding of the world around them.

Pin Wall

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Based on the concept of pixels on a screen, Pin Wall exhibit uses hundreds of injection molded pins to create a detailed representation of most any object. This intuitive exhibit allows visitors to create images of themselves or other objects simply by touching it. This effortless interface encourages playful creativity from visitors of all ages.

Table Tennis Robot

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Visitors experience a table tennis match against a robot opponent that adjusts itself to the visitor’s skill level. By using two vision sensors and a motion sensor, the robot measures the position of both its opponent and the movement of the ball 80 times per second. Using AI, the robot can then predict the trajectory ….  Read More

Magnetic Crane

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With this Magnetic Crane exhibit, visitors gain an appreciation about how an electromagnetic crane can be used to separate ferrous from nonferrous material. This is a table top sized activity which has a model crane with an electromagnet. Visitors can move the crane arm, raise and lower the electromagnet as well as turn the electromagnet ….  Read More

Digital Graffiti

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With Digital Graffiti exhibit, after selecting the color, width of spray, and shading visitors create their own artwork on the projected screen by using virtual spray paint technology.

VR Underwater

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With this immersive VR Underwater experience, visitors dive in the ocean and observe marine sanctuaries without getting wet. These virtual reality headsets, visitors see amazing habitats and animals.


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With Avalance exhibit, avalanche and landslide formations are presented to the visitors. The precautions from avoiding avalanches and landslides are shared with the visitors through displays.

Water Cycle

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In this Water Cycle exhibit, in a contained environment formation of clouds by evaporating water is simulated. By this way, visitors have the opportunity to observe the simulation of water cycle.

Earthquake Simulator

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“Visitors experience past earthquakes up to intensity 8 and learn how to prepare for a real one. The Earthquake Simulator is furnished with tables and other movable objects. Using real recorded seismic signals and with no risk, visitors can experience the phenomenon of an “”earthquake””.”

Speed Track

0 commentsPhysics & Mathematics

Speed Track exhibit includes three components that work together to provide opportunities for children to practice important STEAM elements of inquiry, testing, tinkering, observing, and measuring and to share their theories. Visitors get to design and build a vehicle at multiple workstations. They can then race it on the track where speed and acceleration will ….  Read More

Robotic Goalkeeper

0 commentsRobotics & MechatronicsSports

With Robotic Goalkeeper exhibit, visitors experience a penalty shoot-out against a Robotic Goalkeeper. To ensure a fair challenge for each visitor, it can be handset to one of seven different levels of difficulty. Visitors learn about the speed and accelaration of the ball they kicked out via a display.

Foucault Pendulum

0 commentsPhysics & Mathematics

Foucault Pendulum exhibit moves with the Earth and the Earth turns underneath the pendulum and appears to change direction throughout the day, an effect caused by the Earth’s rotation. In the morning, the venue starts the pendulum swinging in a predeterminde direction. During the day, the pendulum knocks down a peg every 20-25 minutes, making ….  Read More

Precious Materials

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With Precious Materials exhibit, visitors learn about materials found in nature (wool, nacre, petroleum, etc.) by matching those materials with clues about their unique properties. This interactive can be played in single-player or two-player mode. Each player has a set of 10 clear acrylic pucks that are embedded with natural materials and have unique RFID ….  Read More

Infants Miracle

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In Infants Miracle exhibit, a 5-minute fast-forward journey of a human body from womb to a full-grown baby is presented on the display. The animation also highlights the order of organ formations.

Shadow Box

0 commentsChemistrySound & Light

With Shadow Box exhibit, visitors experience capturing their temporary shadows on the walls of a large, three-sided room with walls covered with phosphor-impregnated vinyl. Every 30 seconds, a strobe light flashes causing the walls to glow for approximately 15 seconds, except in those places where people block the light and create “shadows.” Visitors can experiment ….  Read More

Human Brain

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Human Brain exhibit places visitors in control of a dynamic voyage from the brain’s lobes and fissures into its internal structure and the microscopic level of synapses and neurotransmitters. Visitors start their journey from the outside of the brain and are invited to go deeper and explore all the way to the cellular level. By ….  Read More

Silence Race

0 commentsBiologySound & Light

With Silence Race exhibit, as visitors walk across the gravel floor of the short tunnel, a sound meter measures the visitor’s loudness and gives a score. Visitors try to beat their previous score and also their friends’ scores.

Finger Prints

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With Finger Prints exhibit, miracleous unique design in fingerprints is presented through an interactive software similar to the one used in CSI labs. In this exhibit, fingerprints of the the visitors are scanned and compared with the ones stored in the system.

Water Quiz

0 commentsWater

Water Quiz exhibit provides an opportunity for the visitors to test their knowledge about water theme. It provides interesting and popular information in the form of multiple choice and Yes/No questions. When the visitor gives a wrong answer through the touch screen, the right answer is given as feedback. The questions are provided in a ….  Read More

Snowboard VR

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In Snowboard VR exhibit, visitors try to master the mountain from 14,000 ft with this extreme winter sports VR simulation experience. They pick their line and method to ski, snowboard, or wingsuit through ice and snow at crushing velocity. They race the clock and dominate the terrain with speed, precision and skill.

Supermarket Role Play

0 commentsPreschool

In the Supermarket Role Play area, kids can challenge themselves to shop according to the letter of the alphabet (find all the food beginning with the letter C) or the shape of the packaging (find all the cylinders on the shelves).

Sorting Robot

0 commentsRobotics & Mechatronics

With Sorting Robot exhibit, visitors experience how an industrial robot arm can sort the materials according to their shape, color, weight etc. Visitors wirelessly connect the sorting robot via a touchscreen and program it by using a simple interface. The robot sorts materials in a fast and effective way.

AR Energy Table

0 commentsEnergy & Environment

With AR Energy Table exhibit, visitors supply energy to their virtual city by placing given objects on the table. As visitors place more objects on the table various types of power plants show up. According to the given instructions appeared on the table, visitors move the objects to create a sustainable power consumption.

Energy Quiz

0 commentsEnergy & Environment

Energy Quiz exhibit provides an apportunity for the visitors to test their knowledge about energy theme. It provides interesting and popular information in the form of multiple choice and Yes/No questions. When the visitor gives a wrong answer through the touch screen, the right answer is given as feedback. The questions are provided in a ….  Read More

Solar System Planets

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In Solar System Planets exhibit, visitors observe the whole solar system projected on the floor or wall. Using touchscreens, they can get detailed information and interesting facts about the Sun, planets, satellites and their orbits.

Rocket Models

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With Rocket Models exhibit, 1:144 scaled realistic rocket models such as Saturn V (NASA, 110.6 m), Falcon Heavy (SpaceX, 70 m), and Ariane 5 (ESA & CNES, 52 m) are displayed in a specialty lighted acrylic case.

Design Your Spaceship

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With Design Your Spaceship exhibit, visitors design their own spaceships on a touchscreen, give names and send them to planets in the Solar System to accomplish a specific mission. Visitors are able to share their spaceships in their social media accounts by using provided QR codes.


0 commentsAir & SpaceWorld

With Globe exhibit, visitors experience real-time data through planetary and Earth science demonstrations presented in three dimensions. In addition to celestial activity, the exhibit reveals patterns in data on a global scale, including striking graphic representations of the paths of storms, changes in ocean temperature and other phenomena. It also demonstrates surfaces of Sun and ….  Read More

Wind Tubes

0 commentsAir & SpacePreschool

With Wind Tubes exhibit, visitors are encouraged to test their designs and compare their results with others creating a collaborative learning experience. Visitors place their objects, turn on the fan if it is off, and watch their objects float and fly through the acrylic tube. Visitors can also vary the speed of the fan by ….  Read More

Space Quiz

0 commentsAir & Space

Space Quiz exhibit provides an opportunity for visitors to test their knowledge about space theme. It provides interesting and popular information in the form of multiple choice and Yes/No questions. When the visitor gives a wrong answer through the touch screen, the right answer is given as feedback. The questions are provided in a random ….  Read More

Solar Surfer

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With Solar Surfer exhibit, visitors step on a surfboard in front of the screen that simulates space environment. They try to succeed in space travel missions without getting hit by meteorites.

Solar System Scale

0 commentsAir & Space

In Solar System Scale exhibit, visitors stand in front of a cabinet that Solar System planets and the Moon are depicted on it via screens. They stand on the weight scale and observe how much they weigh on these celestial objects and also the fact that their mass doesn’t change. As a part of the ….  Read More

Periodic Table

0 commentsChemistry

With this multitouch interactive Periodic Table, visitors learn physical and chemical properties of the elements, their biological roles, their abundance on the Earth, their histories, and their use in daily life. Visitors also virtually experience which elements go into reaction with each other and experience more than 70 compound animations.

Iron Mystery

0 commentsAir & Space

In this unique Iron Mystery exhibit, visitors hit the projected Earth on the wall with balls representing meteors containing iron. They experience the unification of these meteors with the Earth’s crust as in the millions years ago.

Chaotic Wheel

0 commentsOutdoorWater

This iconic exhibit illustrates the chaos theory and is mostly used as an attractive outdoor exhibit. While mesmerized by the magical movements of the buckets, visitors observe the chaotic movements caused by the butterfly effect of the angular momentum.

Smart Recycling Bin

0 commentsEnergy & Environment

Smart Recycling Bin exhibit has the ability to distinguish the types of wastes that are designed specifically for this exhibit. As part of the experience, there are five types of wastes: paper, plastic, metal, electronic, and glass. Each of them has a different RFID tag and when the visitors drop it into the slot on ….  Read More

Heartbeat Drum

0 commentsBiology

In Heartbeat Drum exhibit, visitors stand across from each other around a large drum with their hands placed on the handles in front of them. Sensors in the handles detect each user’s heartbeat. At first, each drumstick will beat a different rhythm, but it is possible through time and coordination for the visitors to slow ….  Read More